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Rapidvideoviews Terms You Must Follow These Rules



Do not add videos that contain exploitation/pornography.
Do not add materials that are in any way sexually explicit.
Do not add materials that pertain to and/or promote pornography.
Do not add a video that is copyrighted, or otherwise illegal content.
Do not add videos with nudity, semi-nudity, adult-related.
Do not make more than 1 account on Rapidvideoviews.
Do not try any method to hack Rapidvideoviews coins

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY won't be at liable for any loss or important misfortune or harm whatever counting without constraint

loss of business, opportunity, information, benefits emerging out of or regarding the using of the Website.

Change or Remove

Rapidvideoviews reserves the right needed to change or remove any part of the site without notification at whatever time.

Rapidvideoviews also reserves the right to delete any video or account without any notification at any time.

Warranty or Guarantee does not come with any guarantee or waranty use it at your own particular risk.



These Terms and Conditions shall be followed and you agree that you understood the rules and terms of before using it.







Feel free to contact us if you have any question by sending us an email to We'll be very glad to receive your comments and suggestions.